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Went to Sariaya, Quezon para lang bumili ng pianono at kung anu-ano pang delicacies. Original plan is to go to Tagaytay pero un ang di namin narating dahil ang OA ng traffic jam! Share lang. Hahaha. Gotta sleep na, may shift pa laters ng 9pm. Nanights! :3 at Sariaya, Quezon – View on Path.

Waiting. May biglaang lakad kasama family ni partner. Out-of-town. Cool! 👍 at Greenfield Business District – Read on Path.

FINALLY! Nakahanap din ng bukas na coffee shop! Woohoo!!! #caramelmacchiatto #classicspamsandwich

PS. Oo, alam ko, Starbucks lang ‘to. Don’t judge me, kagabi pa ako naghahanap kung san pwede magkape! Hahahaha. 🍴☕️ at Starbucks Coffee – View on Path.

Muni-muni. – at St. Andrew’s Parish – See on Path.

He keeps comparing me with the ex. Harsh! nagtagal lang sila but they didn’t last forever. Sana naman magets nya un. Un na pinakamadaling explanation dun e. – Read on Path.

Homeeey! Had an awesome evening kahit nagsusuka lang ako after each meal. Ugh. 😒 at Project 6, Quezon City – Read on Path.

Aside sa umuwi, ano pang sensible at masayang gawin kapag midnight?

I’m thinking prolly:
- Movie? Longing for Spiderman II, kaso ang layo ng Resort’s World. Currently in Shangri-La at medyo territorial ang kasama ko.
- Hangout? Na-uh. Baduy. Signs of aging. lol.
- Eat? Where? And what to eat? Please, no pares and lugaw. Err.

Hmm… What else? I need suggestions, I got an hour to think of what to do. I badly needed your ideas. Please? Thankeeeee!!! 👌 at Shangri-La Plaza – Read on Path.

– View on Path.

Talk about love… But have you really experienced it? Srsly! – Read on Path.

Kinda feeling much-much better now compared from last week. Pwede na uli akong mag-adik sa work, but just then, no schedules available for me to take kasi lahat sila nagttake advantage sa double pay this holy week. Hahahaha. So, papakabusy na lang ako sa kitchen. Any orders for red velvet cupcakes, brownies, cookies and other pastries? Just lemme know! I’ll be baking habang wala pa akong schedule. 😉👌🎂🍰🍪 – Read on Path.

And now we’re back together, together! Lalalala ~ – Read on Path.

at Go Hotels – View on Path.

Sunburn o sandburn? lol. #tanned #summer #calaguas #island #tattoo #dreamcatcher #unfinished #negra #sexyback lol

Heading back to the metro after almost a week! My apologies for the unresponded emails and chats and for the sms and calls I have missed, there’s no network coverage on the island. Nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed my vacation, found solace from all the pieces of advice I’ve gained from the teachers I’m with. Big thanks folks!!! #summer #Calaguas #paradise #tanned #feelingbetrayed 😂😂😂 – View on Path.

Live free. #poidancing #calaguas #beach #swimsuit #paradise #summer

She isn't your cheap-rated, ordinary kind of girl. She is not perfect and she need not to pretend that she is.

She is not a limited edition, she is one of a kind.
A lady in her early 20's. Named after a gratifying word of Italy.
More known as Sophia. Oftentimes called Ace.
Filipino by heart. American in culture. Aussie by mind.

BS Accountancy.
De La Salle University.
Future CPA-Lawyer.

Theater actress.
Amateur photographer.
Free lance model.
Language trainer.
Campus Writer.
Chick Flicks-holic.
Movie Critic.
Frustrated journalist.
Frustrated doctor.
Frustrated dentist.
Frustrated psychologist.

Hopeless Romantic.
Secretly in-love.

An optimist.
A traveler.
A philosopher.
A dreamer.
A believer.
and a blogger ~ that's why she's on tumblr! :)

Ask if you know you have to.
Think before you act. Analyze before you conclude.
Halt. Observe. Expedite.
Speak up! Let your voice be heard.
Be Brave! Stand out, and don't let anyone bring you down.
If the culture doesn't fit you, then don't buy it.

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